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Created 2013-10-11
Owner iefekcc5874
Title Chauffeur liable inspectors personnel interrupted
Description 's driver saw tanker transportation administration law enforcement vehicles, the sudden acceleration, "pressing law enforcement vehicles, law enforcement vehicles almost pushed out of the way in front of running stations,magasin hollister france, tanker before parking this way, the two sides conflict. "Wang Hu Yulin City Development Zone next to the police station after the hospital,sweat abercrombie femme," the doctor said that nine linear rib fractures. "Gao Yongjun said," on the 28th three XingJu transport officer, law enforcement vehicles were high of a driver bail. "After 20 days of treatment,sweat hollister, Wang Hu discharged from injury. After the families involved in transportation administration repeated communications with the victim, Yunguanchu compounding agreement reached with the victim, Wang Hu give up doing forensic longer appealed, Yunguanchu compensation 838,jogging hollister,000 yuan to settle the matter, and to bear medical expenses 5.5 million. Department of Transportation an insiders,vetement hollister, this Yunguanchu official seal stamped with the mediation agreement on compensation for the families to come forward by the executive. Yunguanchu borrow money to start their families financially,hollister france, and finally by Yunguanchu hedge account. 15 paperwork, 3 Transportation Administration inspectors are released. "Yunguanchu I lost money." October 20, Wang Hu likewise confirmed. Transportation Administration during the work day is "official acts" High Yongjun October 18 in an interview,hollister femme, confirmed that several Transportation Administration inspectors conduct occurred during working hours, is the "official acts." Another Yunguanchu insiders told reporters, "Management is too confusing, road transportation administration law enforcement inspectors,hollister pas cher, this kind of thing will happen sooner or later." According to reports, the State expressly provided transportation administration law enforcement inspectors are not allowed on the road, only in the station proceed. And law enforcement officers must have inspection certificate issued by the Provincial Communications Department. "And most of our law enforcement officers just inside homemade documents, there is no law enforcement qualifications," he said. These staff have inspectors permit it "There should be, indeed." Gao Yongjun say. Rumors because the task is too heavy fines beating incident was a result of the high Yongjun said: "There is no department issued a fine task." One staff member involved,doudoune abercrombie femme, said the families of the 19th, there is no way the child, to a certain extent,hollister londres, also a victim. Inspection team broke the fines royalty Yunguanchu insiders said that although there is no place where to Transportation Administration inspection team issued a mandate,veste hollister, but a fine commission inspection team's own policy. Around 2006, a fine of 300,doudoune hollister,000 or more to complete the proportion of 30% reward to extract inspectors completed a higher percentage of more than 400,000. 20 am, in the extension of the oil transfer station, the reporter saw a number of tanker drivers. Lift Transportation Administration inspectors road fines, a car five years tanker driver said: "No fine is not possible, unless good luck this year in March over penalty, penalty one insurance year." Transportation Management law enforcement inspection items include a vehicle operating license, whether private vehicle models change and so on. The tanker was sent more than a "based on" Road Management Regulations 71 "on the private car to change the provisions of punishment three thousand yuan." A driver said that even if the original car was also used as a private car penalty changed over. A sports car than a decade tanker driver surnamed Xu said: "The money one pay all right."

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